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Click here for a collection of quotes from O'sensei's Art of Peace translated by John Stevens and compiled online by William McLuskie


OSenseiAikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba (sometimes referred to as "O Sensei") who created a martial art that is purely defensive in nature. An attack is redirected in a controlled manner which leads to a pin or a throw. The object is not to injure an attacker, but to redirect the mind as well as the body towards peaceful solutions to conflict. Aikido can be translated as "the art of peace" or "the way of harmony".

OuchIn Aikido, the fall is as important as the throw. Much practice time is devoted to learning backwards rolls, forward rolls, and "break falls"(demonstrated here on a hardwood floor by the way) in order to fall safely (ukemi). This requires a relaxed mind and body. One learns not to resist a technique, but to take the fall when the techique has been properly applied.


Aikido practice will benefit you in many ways. Practical self defense skills will be learned, and the exercises will improve physical conditioning. Your balance and flexibility will improve and the concentration needed during practice is very effective in helping you ease the tension of everyday living.